Thursday, July 09, 2009

Daulatabad Fort

History :
Daulatabad fort is located at distance of 13km from Aurangabad.Hill-fortress of Devagiri/Daulatabad constructed on a conical hill.It was constructed by Yadava kings of Devagiri in 12th century.Mohammad bin Tughlaq conquererd this fort in 13th century and shifted his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad.It was in hands of Bahmani kings in 14th century and under Mughals in 16th Century.
Important Places :
Chand Minar :Chand Minar is a four storied tower inside the Daulatabad Fort.It was
built as a 'Tower of Victory' by Ala-ud-din Bahmani, after he managed to take over
the fort in 1435.
Chini Mahal : Chini Mahal served as the detention center of Abdul Hasan Tana Shah,
the last king of Golconda, in 1687. He remained here for 13 years until his death.
How to Reach :
Road : It is 13 KM from Aurangabad.Aurangabad is well connected to all cities of
Rail : Nearest rail head Aurangabad,which well connected to Hyderabad,Pune and
Air : Nearest air port is Aurangabad.


Chand Minar

Chini Mahal

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Anonymous said...

Very nice blog post. I've visited Daulatabad many times and enjoy it everytime.

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